Organization of holidays: how to choose an event-agency?

Organization of holidays: how to choose an event-agency?

The manager of one of the best event-agencies, journalists asked what distinguish his company from competitors, what is the secret of success. He gives a very brief and succinct answer: they have the experience;they are attentive to details and always know exactly what the customers want.

It was possible to talk endlessly about the merits of his event agency, but the pros immediately called the main thing: experience, attention to detail and customer needs are really decided when organizing any event.

When you plan to organize a big event (whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a corporate party, a boring seminar or a bright PR action), there are two ways. You can do everything on your own or trust eventagentur wien that thinks everything out and organizes for you.

If you have never participated in the preparation of events, get ready to overcome serious difficulties. This is a non-trivial task, requiring free time, organizational skills and taste.If you immediately decided to trust the specialists from the event-agency, do not rush to relax either.On the one hand, the event agency will save a lot of time and make the holiday spectacular and memorable.

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  1. Know your needs

To get started, create your own wish-list, which will list a complete, comprehensive list of your needs for the planned event. Do not spread on the tree, and limit those limits and details that are important to you. You either leave the rest to the discretion of the organizer, or decide together.

  1. Carefully check the company

Stopping at one event agency, conduct a small investigation. Find out its status (whether they work legally), find reviews or find people who used their services. If in front of you is a tiny beginning festive agency, about which no one has heard, doing not take risks despite the price?

  1. Look for an experienced agency

The experience of organizing holidays is extremely important.In fact, the choice of event-agency can be reduced to the choice of the optimal ratio of experience and cost of services.The more activities the agency has, the better they take into account the nuances of preparation and cope with unforeseen situations, the more useful contacts they have with hotels, suppliers, artists, shops, etc. It is the experience and positive feedback, the most important indicator.

Organization of an event is a task that requires not only certain skills, but also knowledge of local specifics, and reliable partners in place. Never hire a renowned international event-agency just because of its loud name, without analyzing the actual experience in your area.

  1. The proximity and accessibility of the agency

Continuous communication with the organizer of the celebrations is the key to the success of any project. The ideal event agency is close and affordable. It should be located in or in your neighborhood. Your event manager should be within reach and quickly arrive at the scene if necessary.

  1. Communicability

In order to take into account the needs of clients and adjust plans in a timely manner, the event manager must have excellent communication skills. You can evaluate social skills at the first meeting. If the muse of your holiday is with a dirty collar, is not familiar with the rules of etiquette, it “slows down” and gets confused in words run.