What you have to stop doing if you have anxiety?

What you have to stop doing if you have anxiety?

Anxiety Your thoughts are just that, thoughts. They do not always define you. What you define are your performances. Stop fearing what torments you. Not everything has a meaning, let alone a catastrophic meaning. Not all of them and yes, they can finish the sentence in misfortunes. For each and very knowledge there is perfect solution. If you want to more, kindly Click Here!


Stop ruminating

You are not a cow, you are a person. Did ruminating ever lead you to the solution? Ruminating feeds the brain. It’s like throwing birdseed on a chicken. The more birdseed, the fatter the chicken is. The more you give the more attention you give to your thoughts. You are rude to your brain. You are training it to turn around and round something that does not depend on you. No matter how many turns your thoughts give, solutions do not appear. Why? Because most times you cuddle over useless worries. You look around to see if, just in case, in a neural roundabout the miracle appears. But it will not appear. The miracle is in letting be what does not depend on you. Write down what you cuddle in a little notebook, stay away from you.

Stop justifying you

You give explanations to not face your fears. You give them to others so they can understand your lack of daring or your blockade. Nobody needs explanations except your conscience which seems to need to be left alone. But even it is not obliged to give reasons. You have the freedom to say NO or not go where you do not feel like it. Another thing is that you want to overcome your fear and face the situation. Yes, when you decide. But as long as you choose to stay in your comfort zone, you do not have to give explanations to anyone to stay there.

Stop avoiding

Each time you avoid your fear, you increase the level of anxiety with it. You look further away from your goal and contemplate yourself as someone unable to face situations and activities that others do. You are neither more nor less than anyone, neither more nor less capable. You are just a person who is avoiding. It is assured that your perception of fear is subjective and that it is more tremendous from the outside.

Conclusion: Stop thinking about all and each of the consequences

Being brave has its dot of unconsciousness. You cannot live in a fantasy world. You have to have your feet on the ground. But you must run a little RISK. Life is decisions, lose, win, and play. Nothing happens if you do not participate. Do not be afraid of making a mistake. Error is part of learning. Moreover, be proud of your mistakes, they are part of your growth. You can be wrong, you must be wrong. When you lose fear of failure, you will lose your anxiety. In addition to taking off a backpack that weighs a lot.